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Registration Information

The Team Assignment Policy - Men

As player registrations are received by the club registrars, they will be placed into one of the following lists. Each list is ordered by date of registration.

Groups of players wishing to play on the same team may make such a request to the club registrars (as early as possible), and the club will attempt to satisfy that request, but no guarantees can be made. There are multiple factors to consider when attempting to meet this request, including skill, reliability and seniority of all members of the group.

For Men's Recreational Teams

At the conclusion of the last preseason practice (typically around April 30), the Men Rec list will be sorted into full time and waitlist members. The full time list will be the first 48 registered players who meet the player requirements. (See bottom of page.) Those registered from 49 onwards will be placed into the waitlist queue. If there are fewer registrations received than full time spots, additional registrations will continue to be accepted until the full time membership is full.

The full time members will be guaranteed placement for a full time spot on a team. Each team may elect to register additional full time members from those in the waitlist queue. Each team will take no less than 16 full time players. Once a player is placed in the waitlist queue, the order of registration will have no bearing on selection for full time roster positions.

Prior to the start of the OCSL season, those players still in the waitlist queue may be offered a waitlist position for one team. If the club coaching staff determines that there are too many waitlist members to assign each to a specific team, then those members who are not offered a team waitlist position will be offered a refund of their registration fees (less $20 for pre-season costs).

A player selected for waitlist for a particular team will be called up by the team coach/manager as needed. Waitlist players for a team are allowed unlimited # of games and may participate in all team practices. Waitlist players may be entitled to a partial refund on their registration fee (at the end of the season), based upon the Refund Policy

For Men's OT

Returning players for Men OT will have priority for full time positions provided their registration is received by the club registrars by March 15. If there are still full time openings for Men OT after March 15, full time positions will be allocated based on order of registration starting from the club AGM date. Full time positions are conditional upon the player requirements below.

Player Requirements

Players occupying a full time membership position in a player list will be given a full time team roster spot conditional upon:

  1. Skill: Players must meet a minimum level of soccer ability to be placed on a team. Players that cannot compete at the minimum competitive level will be referred to a more suitable playing environment. This includes a minimum level of physical conditioning.
  2. Reliability: Past and current attendance to club and team practices and games will be considered when evaluating a player's reliability.
  3. Player constraints: Players need to indicate which teams they cannot play on as well as the team they wish to play on when they sign in. If there is no suitable division available for that player, then a full time roster spot cannot be guaranteed.

The entire club coaching staff will make any decisions regarding the removal of a player from the full time membership to a waitlist.

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