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Registration Information

Timeline for last minute player additions

Registration takes time. If you are just starting registration and hope to play tomorrow, you will likely be disappointed.

  1. The player completes the Spitfires registration
  2. After the registrar has received the fee and seen that all registration requirements have been satisfied, s/he registers the player with the league
  3. THERE IS A 24 HOUR WAIT (The OSA alone knows why)
  4. The player shows up as registered with the league.
  5. The player must get an ID card by following the instructions on the EODSA website
    And the player's coach must add the player to their OCSL team list and email the OCSL office asking them to approve the player.
  6. The office approves the player and s/he shows up on the game sheet
  7. The coach prints the game sheet & takes it to the game.

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