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Registration Information

Registration and Team Selection Policy

  1. Player registration will begin in late March. An email will be sent to the club distro and registration details will be posted on the club web site.
  2. Player registrations are received by the club registrar. The registrar will update the club web site with player registration status. The page is generally updated every few days in April.
  3. When a player submits their registration, they indicate to which team(s) they want to play with. They should also indicate what nights they can and/or cannot play.
  4. Groups of players that want to play together will be considered but cannot be guaranteed.
  5. A registration will only be considered complete when all registration requirements have been submitted, and, there are no outstanding fees or club equipment due from previous seasons.
  6. The team coach/manager will select the full and part time members of the team (consistent with applicable team selection policies) and communicate that information to the club registrar at least 10 days before their first scheduled league game.
  7. Players that wish to register with a team after the season has started may be asked by the team coach to complete a trial arrangement before accepting the player to register full time.
Team Selection
  1. The appointed team coach (or coaches) makes player selection decisions for their team. The coach will decide the required skill and fitness level for that team.
  2. The coach may request that a new player be assessed through a trial game/practice.
  3. A player will only be permanently added to a team roster with a completed registration (includes full time and spare players).
  4. The number of full time and part time players registered to the team is at the discretion of the team coach with the expectation that everyone gets fair playing time.
  5. Players are expected to be (i) reliable (ie. consistent and reasonable notification of any absences) and (ii) in good disciplinary standing with the club and (iii) meet the minimum skill level for the team (iv) have returned all club equipment from previous seasons.
  6. If a player registers and requests a specific team, the team coach is expected make a decision for acceptance by April 30. Any player registrations received after April 30 will be decided for acceptance by the team coach within 7 days.
  7. A player not accepted by one team may ask to be considered by other teams where eligible (eg. age specific categories).
  8. Any disputes that a player has with the team selection process can be appealed to Spitfires club management team. Club management will review and render a final decision within 3 days.

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