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Registration Information

The requirements:

  1. Send in the fee:
    • $175 for MR6 (OCSL grass field)
    • $250 for Men OT2 and Men OT5 (premium fields)
    • $220 for Women 7v7
    Preferred payment method is etransfer. Please email treasurer to arrange an alternate payment method.
  2. Sign in on-line and verify contact information.
  3. Complete player registration form online on OASC web site. Please make sure you select the correct team in drop down list.


Where to send the fee:

Treasurer Karen Wilson
e-mail** [women's registrar contact information]

** To send by e-mail, logon to your bank and request an "e-transfer" or "interac e-mail". Please use passcode "summer2023" or email passcode direct to treasurer.

Player Card Information

OCSL players must present valid player ID before each game or have verified that they appear in E2E app. See OCSL rules here.

OASC house league players should have valid government photo ID or Ontario Soccer player ID available at each game.

Season start dates

General Inquiries?
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Interested in Coaching?

[gmail contact information]