Spitfires Soccer Club - Special General Meeting

Meeting Details

Monday August 8, 2022

8:00pm EDT

Topic: Spitfires Soccer Club Special General Meeting


Meeting ID: 859 3100 1493

Passcode: 5cJ8dX

Participants will join the waiting room and then admitted by host.

Purpose of Meeting

This meeting will discuss a proposal that will dissolve the Spitfires Soccer Club as a corporation and as a club registered to Ontario Soccer. Our teams will reassemble as an organization within Ottawa Adult Soccer Club (OASC) which is a registered club under Ontario Soccer. This proposal will require a vote on the following resolutions, which will be voted on individually, but are required collectively to achieve the overall proposal.

Resolution 1: To dissolve Spitfires Soccer Club corporation

Resolution 2: Appoint Mike Moran and Karen Wilson to facilitate the corporate dissolution

Resolution 3: That current Spitfires teams assemble as an organization within OASC with an operating committee to manage the business of the new organization.

Background and FAQ

Current Club Model

Spitfires Soccer Club is a club that registers with Ontario Soccer annually through the Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association. We are incorporated, have a constitution and bylaws and are required to comply with administrative responsibilities and fees as defined by Ontario Soccer. This organizational model requires considerable administration to keep up with changing rules as well as attending all EODSA and OCSL general meetings. The club Board of Directors believes that we can change to a more efficient and economical organization within the OASC and retain all privileges for our existing teams to participate in OCSL and other local competitions.

Who is OASC and what's in it for them?

OASC is the same organization that was formerly called National Capital Industrial Soccer League (NCISL). They officially changed their name from NCISL to OASC in 2022. OASC is a club that is registered to Ontario Soccer that runs a house league. They have a Board of Directors and paid staff for operational duties. OASC is an organization that has advocated on behalf of adult recreational soccer in this district. Spitfires teams have participated in NCISL competitions many times in the past and have a good relationship with the organization. The NCISL has seen a decline in recent years in the number of players participating in their leagues and are looking at strategies to retain and add members. As part of this strategy, the club has changed their name and are inviting local small adult clubs to join them as members.

If we join OASC, what does this change for us?

Several things will change at the administrative level

Can our teams still participate in OCSL?

Yes. We will work with OASC to submit our team applications rather than apply directly to OCSL. OASC already does this for other teams so we are just more teams that they would register in spring.

Do we have to change our team names to reflect OASC or can we continue to use Spitfires SC?

We do not have to change any of our team names.

How does our new organization work?

We will keep a smaller group of people to manage the organization's teams, finances, equipment. These are not elected positions but are determined by the team managers. The management team will operate according to certain rules and will report to our members annually on our business similar to our current AGM. The new org finances will be managed from a private personal account under the control of the treasurer.

Does this have any impact on our indoor soccer teams?

No change for indoor. We can play in the same leagues that we have in the past. The team managers will collect fees through the treasurer and the team fees will be paid directly by the team manager or tresurer.

Does this change player registration procedures?

Your player fees and online registration will still be handled directly by our organization. On the backend our treasurer will work with OASC to process player registrations with EODSA and OCSL.

I'm not involved in the club executive ... is there anything that will impact me directly?

We anticipate that player fees will be reduced because of less administrative costs.