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This file last written June 1, 2019

Women's spring Registration -- updated by the registrar on Friday February 12, 2016 at 09:40


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  2. You will not be on this list until you have signed in on-line this year or the registrar has recorded your payment for this year.
  3. * The EODSA ID is not required for all leagues. If you play, OR SUB, for a league requiring EODSA ID, you must have an up-to-date card.
    BUT do NOT attempt to get it until Spitfires tells you to. See ID card rules and how to get an EODSA ID card.

Display: Only players who have paid for this season. All players registered for any season in this calendar year.

Display the players who wish to play on: any and all teams spr_karen unspecified

See Note above
Player's requested team(s) 2019
paid EODSA ID card
See Note above
Player Notes Registrar Notes
alaura_kennedy spr_karen NO 01/18 expired* - keeper fee - $15
andrea_winter spr_karen NO 01/31 expired* - e-transfer $256.60 - deposited
carol_bachelu spr_karen yes 01/19 yes: 2022-03 - cheque $256.60
catherine_trounce spr_karen NO 01/22 expired* - e-transfer $256.60 - deposited
lorena_franco spr_karen NO 01/29 NO* - e-transfer $256.60 - deposited
marie-helene_traversy spr_karen NO 01/24 NO* - e-transfer $256.60 - deposited
rue_ranasinghe 10 unspecified and spr_karen yes 02/12 expired* - $256.60 (paid $152.81 - minus dreamhost fee)
sarah_milne spr_karen NO 01/23 NO* - e-transfer $189 (part-time) - deposited

There are a total of 17 registrations
8paid-up players interested in spr_karen
This file last written June 1, 2019

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