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This file last written April 25, 2012

OCSL Fines & Penalties: a short summary

Note that the teams and/or players who incur fines are responsible for paying them.

Fees are from 2011.

game default
2-game suspension
$100 fine
if a player plays without showing his/her actual physical player card. You must have the REAL card.
$50 if the card check wasn't done at all
Up to $500 and expulsion if the ref gets harassed about card checking
$50 if the game sheet isn't filled out correctly
$250 if a club representative does not attend a discipline hearing
$100 if a player does not attend a his/her discipline hearing
$100 if a team starts the game and then loses so many players that it ends up with fewer than 7 on the field. (too many red cards, too many real (or fake) injuries.)
$50 if a team fails to show without a full business day's notice
$25 if a team does not have enough players ready to start on time
$25 if a team does not have corner flags, game ball and net all ready on time
$25 if a team does not fill in their game report within 48hr of the game. (You get an automatic reminder e-mail after 24 hr.)

Discipline Penalties (Yellow/Red cards)

Please click on "Discipline" and at least skim the Procedures on the OCSL website.

Note, in particular, that player suspensions don't usually get served immediately after the infraction! Wait till the OCSL tells you which games your player must sit out. MAKE SURE to follow the instructions on how to show a suspension on the game sheet

This file last written April 25, 2012

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