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This file last written March 12, 2014


Job Description

  1. Keep the website up to date.
  2. You might be asked if you can maintain the database software.
    There is an overview of the code and a user guide. Plus, there are lots of comments in the code itself. And you can always ask the previous coders.

Job Specifics: maintaining the website

  1. Club AGM preparation
  2. After the club AGM,

Job Specifics: maintaining the database

  1. On your server which can send automatic e-mails (rtr.ca in 2012), turn on/off automatic nags and schedule checks at seasons' start/end
  2. As soon as the summer schedules are posted, set up schedule fetching in rpt_league_sched.awk and check that it works. Read the long comment section above "BEGIN"
  3. The schedules from the indoor leagues weren't fetchable before 2012. If they are now, you can modify rpt_league_sched.awk to get them too. We aren't as fussy about getting indoor info though. It'd be nice to have, but not required.
  4. Fix bugs and add features as required/desired.

Website Access:      Power Users      Linux/Unix Users      Windows Users     

Website Access: Basic Information for Power Users

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Website Access: Details for Linux/Unix Users

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Website Access: Details for Windows Users

Disclaimer: I am not a Windows user. I tested the following in 2009 on an XP machine and it should work on any of 95, 98, ME, NT or 2000, but I have no idea about Vista or later releases. Your version of Windows may have secure shell and secure copy clients. If so, use those.

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Overview of Spitfires' home directory and web files

spitfiressoccer.net index.htm -- the home page -- and all the following directories:
archive old team pages and yearly files, old versions of the database
club club files (like this FAQ)
gif and image pictures, images
index_files all the main pages which are shown in the left-hand frame: Club, Team, Events, Links
info most of the pages that change yearly, like the team pages, the AGM info pages, etc.
reg all the database executables and files

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Basic Unix commands

cd change directory, i.e. goto the directory specified
cd .. go back up to the directory above
ls list the files
rm filename remove (delete) the file. This is permanant. You are warned.
mv filename tohere move file
cp filename tohere copy file
mkdir directoryname make a directory
rmdir directoryname remove a directory
exit leave secure shell

For example, try this and see what you get:

Note a typing shortcut: type part of a filename or directory name and then the tab key
  For example, instead of "cd spitfiressoccer.net", type "cd sp<tab> Try it.

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This file last written March 12, 2014

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