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This file last written March 13, 2014


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The Spitfires financial year ends January 31 (to capture a final winter fee payment, which was due Jan 31). At the beginning of February, the budget must be complete and sent to the board for approval. Then it is presented to the members at the AGM around Feb 22-26. If you are new to the treasury, I suggest you use January to do as much of the following as you can so you aren't rushed on Feb 1!!.

Tidy up the bankbook spreadsheet:

Do the budget:

  1. Add last year's numbers from the bankbook into the "Actual" column next to last year's proposed budget
  2. Create the budget for this year.
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August 1

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Mid-Late September

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Each indoor soccer season

Check that you have received all the fees. The indoor fees exactly cover their costs with either $5 or $10 extra per player per 15-game season. The women's teams who only borrow 1 ball pay the lower fee because they neither lose nor damage that ball. Men's teams, with their greater strength, tend to damage balls and all teams tend to lose balls if they borrow more than 1.

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Exec Meetings

There will be one exec meeting, either after the summer season (Oct/Nov) or in January. There may be others. If the meeting is in January and you can get the budget done in time (barring the Jan entries), you can present it there for approval rather than trying to get approval via e-mail.

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How to get signing privileges at the bank

The bank is the TD in the Emerald Plaza on Merivale Road. Normally both the president and treasurer have signing privileges. You will need at least one person with current signing power with you at the bank. Make an appointment: (613)224-1188. You may also need to change the snail-mail address for the account; it is currently the president's home address.

You will also need on-line access to the account to get the bank statements when convenient to you. You need the bank card from the old treasurer. Make sure the bank representative resets both the password and the verification question. If you do not tell them to do so, they will only reset the password. Since the verification question is only asked once, when you change the password, the old treasurer has probably forgotten its answer.

If you will need more cheques soon, now is a good time to order them. Take a sample with you to the bank and expect delays while they try to find something similar. You can also order on-line once you are logged in to the bank.


How to get executive privileges in the Spitfires database

The registrar (or ex-president, VP, secretary or treasurer) must:


Why do you need executive privileges in the Spitfires database?

  1. You need access to the individual player links to get snail-mail addresses for refunds. (Note that, unless the submit-date on the player's file is recent, it's probably a good idea to send an e-mail first to make sure the address is still valid.)
  2. You may need to look at the registration pages to find out if a player needs to be refunded the "early-bird" summer registration fee or the regular fee.

Why do you need details of deposits?

The budget requires the treasurer to split the revenue up into different seasons and different leagues. Deposits may not be neatly split up this way. In particular, spring deposits may contain (a) spring Coliseum registrations, (b) early bird special summer registrations and (c) regular summer registrations. If you aren't told how many there are of each, you'll spend more time then you want trying to figure it out at year end. Also, execs may pay for something themselves and then take their refund out of registrations. There is no way you can figure out what happened in that case.


How to pay for the web?

We get our web from dreamhost.com. In 2008, you could go here , login as patrick.wirth@gmail.com using the secure shell password, and display the invoice for the last year (End Date = Dec 24, Number of Months = 12). Voila!   If you don't have the password, you can ask either the webgrunt or the webguru for it.

Patrick Wirth arranged the web hosting and pays for us so write the cheque to him.    And, obviously, if you cannot find the invoice through dreamhost, you'll have to ask him for it.


How cheques are handled in the spreadsheet

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Parker Prins Lebano Chartered Accountants
1796 Courtwood Crescent
Ottawa ON K2C 2B5
Original contact: Steve Parker (steve.parker at ppl-ca.com)
2014 contact: Lauren Sloan (lauren.sloan at ppl-ca.com)


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This file last written March 13, 2014

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