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This file last written March 28, 2018

Spitfires Club 2018 Executive

  At the beginning of each year an Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held to elect the club executive. This executive is responsible for all club operations for the year.

Contact by E-mail: Use our contact address (spitfiressoccer@gmail.com). Put the name of the exec in the subject line.


Elected Positions 
Position Person Term of Office Next Election
President Mike Moran 2 years 2019
Vice President Dan O'Shaughnessy 2 years 2020
Secretary John Netto 2 years 2019
Treasurer Karen Wilson 2 years 2020
Director at Large #1 Greg Ackerland 2 years 2020
Director at Large #2 Graham Rattray 2 years 2019
Director at Large #3 Phil Coville 2 years 2019

Appointed Positions for 2018 
Equipment Manager Dan O'Shaughnessy
Registrars Karen Wilson, John Netto
Men Rec2 United Coach  Dennis Ward
Men Rec6 Coach Graham Rattray
Men OT6 Coaches  Mike Moran and Aaron Price
Discipline Committee Chair  Mike Moran
Web Guru Patrick Wirth
Web Grunt Jane Skinner

  It is understood that this Club is run by volunteers, and as such, the elected officials are taking on the responsibilities involved in running a Club so that everybody can benefit. We encourage everybody to come forward and express their opinions and get involved in the Spitfires organization. To find out more about our organization, email us.  

This file last written March 28, 2018

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