Spitfires New Registrar Explanations

Updated Sep 2012

Why 2 registrars -- one for men, one for women:

How to make sure the EODSA knows about a new registar

The old registar must:

How to Get Privileges in the OCSL database:

How to Get Privileges in the NCISL database:

How to give someone registrar privileges in the Spitfires database

An old registrar (or the president, secretary or treasurer) must:

How to deal with name changes

  1. To change a player's name in our database, follow instructions in the User Guide.
  2. Tell the player that she can still play using her old name as long as we don't change her name in the EODSA's database.
  3. If she really wants her new name in the EODSA, you'll have to:

How to Check or Get a Valid OSA Form and Waiver

  1. With luck this will get you to the OSA forms section. If not, goto the OSA website and look for "publications" and/or "forms". (In 2012 it was buried under organisation: rules: permits and forms: player forms)
  2. Look at the Player Registration (18 and Over) form. If it is still the February 12, 2007 version, it's what we're using. You're done.
  3. If it is newer than 2007, pull down the Word version of the new form.
  4. You can either check our club's version against their latest version to see what has changed or just start with their version and modify it again for our club.
  5. If the waiver has changed in any way, use the new version. And don't touch it. It contains legalese required for insurance.
  6. To modify the form, you can try OpenOffice, but the 2007 version didn't work correctly. Microsoft Word '97 did work and presumably later versions would too. In Word '97, this is what worked:
  7. Find a program (OpenOffice) or a person who can convert the .doc to .pdf
  8. Ask the webgrunt to replace the old waiver file with your new one.
  9. If we are using the click-through waiver ask the webgrunt to change the code to match the new waiver.

Helpful Hints for the AGM

How to Change Privileges in the Spitfires database:

Deposit fees in the club's bank account:

How to Register players in the Spitfires database

In summary (example Men) For full details
- set up the team names: use Manage Men's Teams
- set up the registration requirements: use Register Men
- clear old registration data: use Register Men -> Register Players -> Clear registration data
- register players: use Register Men -> Register Players
- you may need to add new players: use Register Men -> Add New Players
read the user guide:
- Setup
- Registration

Why we need a player's contact information

How to check the NCISL rosters and why

Players can be added to NCISL teams with only the team coach/manager's approval. The registrar must ensure that all the Spitfires' registration requirements have been fulfilled before a player plays. Coaches are pretty good about making sure a player is paid, but are less apt to check for database entries and waivers. That's the registrar's job.

If a player has not fulfilled all Spitfires' requirements, you (and the coach) will have to chase them down before the season starts. You shouldn't let them play if they are not properly registered with the club. (Yes, you can delete them from the roster so they don't play: activate yourself as the team manager and delete them or ask the team coach to do so, or ask the NCISL admin to remove their approval.)

There are 2 ways to check who is on the NCISL team rosters:

  1. Login to your club account and look:
  2. activate yourself as a team manager on each NCISL team. (The NCISL calls this, confusingly, "Activating a team".) You will then get an e-mail each time a player registers on the site.

Why send the AIMS rosters to the coaches

If the opposition team asks to see the roster and the coach does not have it, they can refuse to play the game. The team without the roster will default the game and be fined. (OCSL 2008 rule XI)

Example ID card nag

  1. Change the first sentence as needed. The ID cards are either snail-mailed or held in the office for pick-up.
  2. If you want to e-mail NCISL players don't use this e-mail, use the one following this.


Our database says you need a (renewed) photo ID card. There is still time to get it on-line if you act *NOW*; otherwise, go to the EODSA office in person later.

All you need is your name, birthday, and Club Name = Spitfires. You do *NOT* need to know your OSA number -- it is *not* required.

On-line: http://idcard.eodsa.ca/
Find the office hours and address here:http://www.eodsa.on.ca/

Please log-on and update your card's expiry date after you have your card or I'll keep nagging!!

your Nag,

Example ID card notice to NCISL players

WARNING: Players cannot get a card unless they have an active registration in the EODSA database:

Only send an email to NCISL players if you know they have a valid registration. Don't expect them to check; they won't.



Our database says you either don't have a soccer photo ID card or yours is expired. Don't worry; you don't actually need one for the NCISL; your driver's license is just fine as photo ID. HOWEVER, if you plan to sub for a different league or if you'd just like an ID card which can be left in your soccer bag, go ahead and get one.

All you need is your name, birthday, and Club Name = NCISL. You do *NOT* need to know your OSA number -- it is *not* required.

On-line: http://idcard.eodsa.ca/
Find the office hours and address here:http://www.eodsa.on.ca/

Please log-on and update your card's expiry date after you have your card. We have no connection to the EODSA database and only know about your card if you tell us.


Debate about getting involved in the Women's Indoor Registration

Argument for getting involved

Argument for not getting involved